How to Live and Keep from Dying: A Believer’s Guide to Living the Abundant Life

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So later I said to myself I have to understand this new city slow life and become adjust to iy and I figure it out and said I will accept thia citu paid raise. But while living DC i could never get a supervisor or assistant management job. Either folks sneak behind my back and tell them bad things about so they can get the job or it mysteriously disappear and even my co workers were rooting for me to get. I had dealt with music and done all the behind scene work for others artists and ingnore my our music work just so I can help them out, and get nothing in return.

My wife suggested that why I need to leave my circumstances life and a new. Now fast forward to new life in Queen City. I had found a overnight job that will pay me lityle bit above their paid raise but it was a catch to it. Soon became a wear and tear to me starting sleeping behind the wheel while driving or at work and my parenting.

My wife did everything she can to help. Since then I have been to several interviews and won them over BUT mysteriously the job not available or all of sudden I need a associated degree for any office work. Yes I have great time to spend with family and even got more of my music work done that I have been putting off. But job seem to just disappear from me. For example today date I came back from an interview for a print job position based on my resume and they told me they have got a print job that can pay more then I did in DC and come in so we can talk about it.

But when I arrived mysteriously again the job offer have been suspended or whatever. All I have is 58 cent in my checking accouny.. Now i have questioning is God mad at me, what am I doing wrong.. Why constantly people lie to me about being great but Im constantly feel like a loser and etc. I need an advice…what can I do.. I need prayers.. Sorry to respond so late, but it sounds to me God is planning something for you. Jesus is planning to give you an even better job and circumstance.

He wants to help you; He loves you more than you could ever know. Release all the worry and trouble you have inside, He is here for you. It will all come to pass and your music and your job situation, will be alright. Isaiah and Proverbs are some scriptures you should look at. My has been a stormy season for me. Last year, I met a man of God who made a difference — a man who made me see a different side of life. A man who saw me as how God sees me.

A man who has given me the courage to believe in myself and to fight for my dreams. We both meant well and did our best to make things work. None of us wanted to hurt anyone anyway. And it was indeed painful — no, it was excruciating. And I have never been that broken before. Months passed and i now started to wonder if i really meant something to him. I am trying my best to keep going but everytime I do, things would then blow harder and make me take a step back again.

As if a broken heart is not enough, financial struggles also came. Aside from that, God has also encouraged me to rebuild a long lost dream, a dream of studying in the premier state university in our country. It was a dream that seemed impossible for me but God kept leading me to try, and I did. So I did my best. Almost everything in my life right now is breaking my heart to pieces. I started to wonder if faith can really move mountains. I have a friend who has the gift of having visions and dreams. I was trying to take steps to the other side, but the wind going to the opposite side was so strong that my effort of moving forward seemed useless and the wind was destroying everything around me.

In that dream, my friend was standing from afar, he was standing on a rock that looked like ivory, and a man on a brown cap was standing behind him. My friend was looking at me as i try to cross the bridge. I started crying and he heard it resound so loudly. I am constantly trying my best, to keep walking, to keep moving forward, even if some days all i can do is crawl. There were nights when I would get angry at God and speak honestly to Him, but the next day or a few days later, I would just find myself coming to Him again.

Mich, you have the strength of a true warrior. The strength that any christian would beg for. But maybe you were right, your trying to reach the other side, but ask yourself, are you trying to do it in your own strength???? Right now Mich, your going through what some would call a refining period in life. When that happens, God is trying you and perfecting you.

In this period of your life, God is trying to either get your focus on him, or on others. In other words, off yourself and your own problems. But always remember, He knows the situation, everything about it. He knows everything about you. He knows how much pressure you can take, how many times around this pressure, and how much heat you can stand. I will be praying for you, but let God know! Once upon a time I thought I new what God was doing in my life. I can no longer say that. All I can say is that God has literally turned my life upside down and I have no idea why or what to do.

The more I pray the worse things get. The more I trust God for good things the more bad things come my way. I was engaged. There was a breech in the relationship. I prayed for God to help restore and heal the relationship. He did not and led me to end it. Even though I did not want the relationship to end I obeyed because any relationship that I would put before my relationship with God would be doomed anyway.

God reads hearts so I know he knows what is best for me no matter how I feel. After the engagement ended God told me not to even contact my ex to be friends. I obeyed and moved on. I lost weight, got new hobbies and drew closer to God through study and prayer. Yet 8 months later my ex reenters the picture. Why would God let this man come back? The more I ignore him the more he contacts me. This makes no sense to me. I became angry at God about this. Why let this man back into my life when it was so hard to let him go and get over him? God made that clear to me.

So, what is God up to? So now the Lord has begun to put it in my heart and on my spirit that it is time to move from the city where live. I knew it was time and that I need a new start somewhere else. Well I began to pray and ask the Lord to show me where I should move.

All sings and leadings are pointing to the city, 8 hours away, where my ex resides. I think once again this is Satan or my subconscious still trying to work up a way to be near my ex. So, I ignore all these promptings to check things out in that city. No way. The jobs are much higher paying there but so is the cost of living.

So, I do that. I keep praying. I sometimes listen to random ministries online. I wonder where this ministry is located. So, I immediately stop listening. I go to the library and the librarian tells me about this great new true story mystery novel arriving soon. I place a hold for it.

It comes in. I read the jacket and set it aside for later. I get all cozy and crack open the book and start to read. Guess where the mystery is centered: THAT city. My sister buys me chocolate as a gift. I open the package and the name of he chocolate company is named after THAT city. I could go one like this for quite some time. You get the picture. Is God really telling me to pick up my life and move to a huge crime ridden city where my ex lives and if he is WHY?

I liked that ministry but not enough to want to move there. I looked into cities on the opposite coast and started lifting them up in prayer to God. He breaks in my thoughts or someone does with THAT city. On another front, at the same time, I was unemployed for almost three years. I wanted to work in the IT field and had no background to do so.

God gets me into IT! Thank you God! There is no reason I should be in this job other than God put me here. I know that for a fact. I made a huge splash by quickly becoming the highest performer. I am not bragging. I was literally an accidental success. The only thing I will say is that God always reminded me at every new job to work unto all thing as though working unto the Lord.

Dying to Self and Discovering So Much More

I wanted to do well and I wanted to honor God by not cheating my employer by working hard and trying to do a good job. Well then I got attacked by people who started saying I was cheating. One of my coworkers posted a nasty message about me on a work related website and has recruited a bunch of her friends at work to constantly nit pick me. Now this same girl is having her family and friends call our work and ask for me and pretend to be customers. I start to help them and they call me names, hang up, etc.

My supervisor is aware of it and tries to help but it continues. He spread it all over to the whole company and now people make fun of me. Plus my ex lives there now. Please pray for me. I feel lost. It might dispel some doubts you have about God or it might not. Either way, I hope it helps. God Bless! By allowing all that your relationship was to be destroyed, He was able to work on both of you in order to make that relationship what He wanted it to be. He may now be calling you to step back into it. The two of you can get to know each other all over again, with the right mindset this time.

God does that sort of thing all the time. I could offer many examples, but just consider His call to Jonah. Jonah really, really did not want to go to Nineva to preach repentance. Too bad. God wanted him to do exactly that thing.

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The thing to take back to God in prayer at this point is whether or not He is calling you to build a new relationship with your ex after all. If He is pushing you as hard as you say He is, and potentially moving your ex as well, it is entirely reasonable that He is guiding and calling you. God has given us the Holy Spirit as a guide and a comforter. In this way, you cannot be misled by deviant activity trying to pull you back into a possibly toxic relationship — I dont know the dynamic of yours.

First and foremost, though, the decider would be whether or not your ex is a Christian…not by birth, but by rebirth, and whether he is a faithfull servant of God. If he is not, it is not of God. I know it has been hard. Most of us on here have a story. You are set for great things in what God is entrusting and building up in you. Even now, in your discouragement, you are an encouragement — already being used by Him. Stay strong, my sister. GOD would never ever make you be with someone that your heart does not love.

Just stick close to god.. HE is making you into an overcomer!!! I felt the need to reply to you because your story reminded me so much of me. Without trying to be harsh or critical, the only thing I can say to you is have Faith.. He wants us to surrender to him. My point of pain and frustration was so deep that it took me to a level I had never been before.

He will bring us to the brink of feeling like there is nothing left in order for us to give up our independence and to rely completely in him. Psalm God may be simply using him as a tool to lead you to your destination of greater joy. I have learned to accept anything that comes my way. Pain, suffering, back stabbing, criticism, all of it, are simply tests of our faith. Created for God. His way and no other way. Many prayers for you.. I try to turn to our Lord before making decisions and reciting and remembering Proverbs helps me immensely.

However if this passage does not touch your heart then I recommend turning to the Word of God to find your answer. As followers of Jesus Christ the road is not easy. Let God guide you and forgive which is very hard to do sometime. I had to let my ex go but only by the grace of God are my 3 children with me along with our house. Several means of safely getting on dry land were offered to him but he said No to them all and stated he was waiting on God to save him. The man drowned. This is truly just a thought. Remember, search your heart as you study Proverbs Relax and listen to Him.

Hi Cristal, I just wanted to remind you of something God said in the Bible. He talked about those who follow Him will go through persecution, you should feel honored. Paul was beheaded for obeying God. John saw visions while exiled just because he was listening to his Savior. God actually calls us to step out of our comfort zone. Who knows what kind of blessings are waiting for you.

He will direct your path, just follow it. God is still GOD even in the dry places. I went from working a full time job and a part-time job, attending college, and playing sports, to being unemployed, dropping out of school unofficially for the second time, being injured in a automobile accident and not being able to endure the stress of working, being disenfranchised of my rights both at school and work, all while no one seemed to care except me. Being action oriented i sought avenues for redemption but most importantly i sought god.

In standing for righteousness, i lost everything GOD blessed me with and everything i worked hard for during the past five years of my life. Im tired, frustrated, weak, seeking god every day. But if i could encourage anyone here including myself. GOD has not forgotten and he speaks through me as i type this message.

Before all of this occurred, i had an encounter with GOD through another person and GOD showed me in a vision and gave me a promise. Broken and still waiting. Still seeking him and still waiting. I just pray that i dont lose hope and that neither of you all will either. God Bless you all.!!! Hey Kim Just said a prayer for you.

Remain faithful and know that like Paul, your sufferings are not in vain. The first year I had to work full time and take a few courses each semester. Although, I tend to eat my problems away every since middle school. I just eat my pain away since I have nothing to do, nor look forward to. I go to class everyday, come home to eat and sit in front of the tv- losing motivation to do work and procrastinating and doing things at the last minute.

I feel so lost, even I pray 2x or More a day since god have had a good connection since I was very young , read Joyce Meyers books and such. Though nothing seems to work. I can also only work so much, or my financial aid will be taken away. However, God is good I managed to keep a 3.

All is really bad now, and I cry everyday so very hard. Church these days are pushing out the kids in my generation, although I do believe in God, Jesus and Christ and never will let go. Overall, I just never imagined my mother and our lives being like this. I feel so depressed and alone. I even thought to end my life. Life has been incredibly hard for me and my mother.

Hi Brittany, Glory to God for your authentic testimony. I understand your situation I had been through many valleys. I can hear the conflict of the desires of your flesh versus the desires of your spirit man. That you give into your fleshly desires. The devil took everything away from Job and his own wife told him to curse God and even his friends told him to give up because it seemed hopeless. Walk away from overeating to comfort yourself, walk away from just wanting to be leave the house this is where God has placed you right now at this point. I know that its hard trust me, I know the flesh is very strong.

Stay encouraged. Be blessed Beloved. Brittany i am going to lift you in prayer…stay encouraged. God bless you. Hi Brittney! First off, know that God loves you, so very dearly! You are precious to Him! His princess! I know that right now you feel like life is ending, that the world is crashing around you, and that there is no hope in this world to be found, but know that beyond what you can see, God has a glorious plan for you.

We found only one doctor who could help us. My mom was so sick, it was a good day when she had energy to brush her hair. Because of this all of the housework and cooking fell onto my older sister 20 at the time and myself. When I was 13 we got evicted from our home that I had lived in my whole life, till then. We had never been wealthy, and my father made poor financial decisions most of the time.

Yet through all of my life and during these struggles, God let me know that He is always there, and Brittney, He is there for you! We ended up borrowing a 15ft long camping trailer from someone at a church we used to go to. Looking for cheep rent, we moved to a missionary campus for Bible translators and lived in the RV park there.

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do. The best way I can explain this is like while we were moving. It was just me and my dad loading things onto the truck while my sister and mom packed boxes. Late nights, little sleep, tons of stress and worry, and lots of physical labor—suffering. But even though my back hurt and I was tired I learned that I could keep going regardless of that; God gave me strength and endurance. The moving added to my character because I am now really good at moving.

This brings me joy because I help people move a lot now and I know how to help them. Which also ties in with 2 Corinthians God will take you through things that are hard so He can refine you. God is like a gardener, and us like His trees. He will cut away the weak limbs to help make you healthy and stronger, able to soar above the things that stopped you before in life so that you can overcome them, help others, get closer to God, better trust Him, end up in a blessed place and because of these further glorify Him.

Like when we moved to the missionary campus, I started going to a youth group for the missionary kids there. Could God forgive me though I fail Him? Could He really not condemn me? I opened up to the group about what I was going through and was met with compassion and love. Through the months of battling over this God continued to show me how beloved we His children are. One night in particular I was feeling upset about the hardships I had gone through. But it was hard not being able to go to my mom during the evictions because she was too ill to take more stress.

I felt like I had to be a grown up. I stopped caring, because if I cared I would just get hurt again, and I was already so hurt.

So this night the pain was revisiting me I felt like God wanted me to read my Bible. I open it and come across the death of Lazarus. Jesus wept. I know what pain you feel! I see your tears my child! But let us go to him. I had just gone through it, I knew exactly how she felt! Not only could I say that I understood her, but I also had been given all these scriptures of truth that could help her out of it. This gave me the upmost joy! That was why I went through this, I was to be a mouthpiece of His love to her. Suffering produces perseverance: the condemnation I felt and the verses God gave me to endure.

Perseverance, character: the verses God showed me through my suffering gave me a full knowledge of how to get out of unnecessary guilt and feeling condemned. Also from what God showed me I now have hope for the next hardship, because I know that God will turn it into something good. When God takes you through something hard, trust Him.

It is really for a better and greater reason. To bridge that gap between us. He knows how you feel, trapped in darkness, the world against you, drowning without light. But know that light will soon flood your life! The goodness of God will come before you and you will see His plan soon. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. But even better, compare hardship to the rest of our lives, which is forever and eternal since we know Christ as our Savior.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Because we moved to the missionary campus, my dad got a job with them and they pay more than his last job did. We are now in an apartment. My mom was able to answer those and he is now a Christian! While traveling with my dad for his new job, I met a boy who God told me to witness to. He was homeless and his mom was sick. I was able to help him through his hardships, share the Gospel with him and even give him a Bible. Finally, you do not have to go through this alone.

Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Also, during my own troubles I also considered taking my own life.

Know that you are completely and totally unique. No one can fill your shoes, no one can replace you. Trust that God has your life, and your steps planned. Know that I am praying for you my dear sister in Christ, and will ask those I know to pray for you as well. You will get through this! All that I have shared about hardships in this message, I have learned through my own hardships, and now I am able to, I pray, help you. Let me act as living proof of the good work God does through hardship if you trust and obey Him.

If you are having a hard time trusting Him or having a hard time with anything you need, know that you can go to God for whatever you need, and He will be willing to help you according to His righteousness! I pray that you come out on the other side of these troubles with much reason to rejoice. I pray that you grow closer to God and stronger in your faith because of this. I pray that peace, joy, and love abound in your heart and mind, and wherever you go.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Remember that you are loved by God! Much love and prayers. Hey Brittany! I know right where you are with the nothing- to- look- forward- I- dread- life kinda thing. I also know the no- guys- want- me kinda thing. One thing that really helped me is helping others. When we take the focus off ourselves and our own problems, we realize just how much God has truly blessed us with.

Living a life of humility is truly the best way to reflect the best opinion of God to others. Pray about, girl!!!! Let God know how your feeling. He wants to here it from you. Let God be your best friend. I hope this helps, and God loves you girl. Praying for you!!!! Do you have a sense of how God is using your current circumstances to prepare you for a great calling? No but I do believe he is doing a work in me — to accomplish what, I do not know. What I do know is that this season has been painful, confusing, growing…. The past year just a nightmare and to open the new year thinking it was over and it was just starting.

In me and my wife was having a very rough patch in our lives. It was to the point where I almost sought after child custody, but instead decided to go a different route and work things out. Shortly after our debacle my mother was re-diagnosed with cancer and no greater fear than hearing that brought the most pain knowing that she might not be here to make it. Later in the year I find out I am having a son and the news was awesome, but just like clockwork another tragedy struck and that was that my mother was admitted to the hospital due to cancer attacking her brain and her skull protruding.

I left my job to go down and visit with her as what I thought to be her power of attorney only to be denied by my mother and rejected by her. I left the hospital even more disgruntled and in pain. I traveled back to my home in Colorado to just be even more welcomed by more tragedy. The company I managed store closed and I was laid off and now with little to no money, job searches coming up great but not providing an immediate solution being their commission based solely and time winding down; with no way to pay rent, lease is up next month, car note bill is coming and my son is due next month.

I just pray and continue to pray that God somehow will make a way out of no way. You want to WIN your 5 most important missions in life — to become a Champion of Spirit-Led Success — growing personally, professionally, spiritually and in your relationships. God wants this for you too… to become His Champion of Spirit-Led Success… to employ all your gifts and talents to their highest and best use… to Love more… Serve better… and glorify Him by putting His Word into action.

He wants you to Awaken the Spirit Within to become all that you are meant to be.

Awaken The Spirit Within...

And so do we! When values are rooted in God-given principles, it anchors the soul of the person whose pursuit is to be a winner and remain in peace with himself and others including family and friends. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice. They want something to believe in that will not fail them over time.

The principled individual must be rooted and grounded in principles that will assist in influencing his world view so that it can remain biblical. Then, he wishes to be able to speak the language of the people in order to penetrate their world with the truth. It is our most fundamental belief that God wants you actually LIVE the desires of your heart, and He wants you to discover the things that are most important to you and Him. He wants you to have an abundant life and become, in every sense of the term, a Spirit-Led Success with a powerful capacity to Love greater… Serve better… and Glorify Him in every choice you make and every action you take.

Our most basic calling then, is to create , Champions of Sprit-Led Success this year — one in every church in America — who will go on to disciple others to become the success God created them to be. This is a huge, life changing mission and we need YOUR help. As a Champion of Spirit-Led Success, you will begin to achieve extraordinary experiences and accomplishments — the life God has always intended for his children.

Because we are performance experts, we train people based on cause and effect principles that consistently produce the results expected. In faith matters though, it is sometimes difficult to see and understand how things work, and how to approach a problem leading to a step by step solution. After a great deal of research and prayerful discussion, we identified a simple, yet theologically correct way to depict and explain the process of Spirit-Led Success so people could instantly see the relationship between the work that needs to be done, and the Christian context for actually doing the work.

Clearly, unleashing your full potential is predicated on building your success upon these 4 pillars, and with Jesus leading you through the process, your life becomes a living testament to His plan for your life. Acting on it will glorify God through behavior consonant with Scripture. John Edmund Haggai, Atlanta, Georgia. Here is a short list of what these men and women, called and Ordained by God Himself, tell us they see from their pulpits… and why they whole-heartedly endorse Success On Purpose.

The common thread is people who are looking to renew, restore, reinvigorate and recreate their lives… and are looking for the Starting Point for making the REST of their lives, the BEST of their lives. Just HOW can I live a life of passion and purpose? Success On Purpose is dedicated to helping you quickly identify your mission in life and transform that mission into a lifetime of success—personally and professionally.

In short, you will have taken a huge step towards becoming Successful On Purpose… achieving the Purpose-Driven Success you so richly deserve. In a sense, your purpose is your life. However, once you truly understand your unique purpose, your performance is everything. Will be in my top drawer for a long time to come.

Not only are these people not living their best life now—they are dying inside each day—committing slow-motion suicide. My life would have turned out not only better, but I would have found those 3 key pillars of success: Happiness, Satisfaction, and Significance. You do not need to burn up one more precious moment of the only life you have to live. There is an EASY way to the life you desire… one that takes the same amount of work you are already doing — maybe even LESS — but will produce the meaning you are sorely missing.

We do not promise you a get rich quick hustle… or that you will be secretly transformed just by thinking positive thoughts. And while it is true that people have a lot more things they could be doing for fun on a Sunday morning than they did even 25 years ago let alone in the middle ages, the fact is religious podcasts and AM radio talkshows, while useful, are not meant to and cannot replace physical church attendance.

Church is, by nature, a physically collective activity. You separate yourself from the congregation, you separate yourself from the very body of Christ. Much of the mentoring and fellowship you seek can be found in the Bible studies and programs you seem to criticize. Once again, if you are old enough to commune then you should be considered to have standing and valued input in the church.

The thing is, though, the church is not a democracy. Jesus and the Apostles founded the church as a fundamentally hierarchical structure. Word of advice: if you want your input to be noticed in the church leadership, attend service, commune, attend Bible studies, pray, attend board meetings if your church lets you, talk with your pastor, and serve in whatever capacity you think you can and should.

If your church is part of a denomination, it most likely has a body of confessions of doctrine which can be accessed via a few clicks on their official website fairly easily. Not to sound snarky, but the truth is millennials tend not to react kindly when the church speaks Biblical truth on contemporary issues. Those denominations that do are frequently labeled as hateful, bigoted, out of touch, a throwback to the dark ages, etc. Many churches that seek to win over millennials do so by shying away from such controversy and harsh stances on law, only to discover that young people are often the least interest in church when it gives then exactly what they can get in mainstream media and pop culture.

There are denominations out there that still teach law and gospel as Christ commanded. If your church is not doing that, then my suggestion is to either take advantage of whatever opportunities you have been given to change that situation, or to find another denomination. The secularist have used and will continue to use every opportunity to push the church out of public involvement.

The church sets itself up for many vulnerabilities and conflicts rushing to the aid of a community that at best is ambivalent toward it and at worst would seek to take advantage of it. Many, if not most, millennials, have no real idea what the church is doing or saying at any time. And while the church is not without responsibility for that fact, the fact is many millennial and once again, modern Americans in general simply do not want to hear what the church has to say. Again, for most denominations you can find out exactly what your church professes and believes with a few hours browsing the internet.

Furthermore, there are some things church leaders simply do not have the Biblical authority to change. On other things there is some room for adaptation. Churches that seek to break away from tradition in an aimless quest to rebrand Christianity for new generations tend to fall into the trap of revivalism. Revivalism is practically half the reason at least that so many millennials are done with church.

God is preparing you for great things

Revivalism and the related charismatic movement seek to gain converts by making church and Christianity a primarily emotional and cathartic experience. The thing is, the church and the world have always been and ever shall remain bitter enemies when the rubber hits the road. Can the church do more to connect with millennials. But the survival of the church does not depend on our ability to do so. Jesus declared that his house would survive until the end of days.

The doors have always been open for any millennial wanting to know more about Jesus to come and listen. Any church body that teaches the word and administers the sacraments is fulfilling its basic obligation to reach people of all ages. The rest is more or less up to you.

The church I belong to is apart of the International Church of Christ community, a community of churches all over the world that all believe and follow the same doctrine of Christ. Within each church you can find youth, teen, campus college , singles, young married, and family ministries, not to mention varies house churches and small groups. The leaders are age appropriate for each ministry my campus leaders are a young married couple who are 23 and 25 , our head pastor stresses the importance of incorporating leadership from the young and older.

We also stress the importance of service, whether its through fundraising for orphans, mission trips, internships, even local service projects! All the best! Sam, what a brilliant commentary, and i love that you give specific suggestions for how to engage the milennials. I have four of them who currently are not solidly attached to the church but were greatly formed by the church—your church. I sent this to them. I would like to talk more about this with you.

Stay strong and know that you are not alone. My suggestion? Been there, done that. It will change your life and faith forever. Love this Sandra! Thank you! I would LOVE to at some point. I completely agree, it changes your whole world. I remember both times the hardest part was coming back into the entitlement and luxuries most take for granted.

Bless you! Hallelujah Sam! I am not a Millenial, if I need to be put into a box, then choose the Baby-Boomer box, and I wholeheartedly applaud your article and totally agree!!! Thank you so much Judy! This little article has gone farther than I ever would have imagined. Sup my dude, I felt exactly the same that you did when I first started college. I was tired of my church and how they just kept blaming my generation for the things that were wrong with the world. I was tired of being judged for showing up to Mass late in my work uniform covered in flour because I needed to work on Sundays and would be late to Mass because of it.

I ended up stop going to church because of the same points you brought up. It was the first time I actually felt that the homily was about me and that the priest was talking to me. It was wired. Then I was greated by the ministers at the Newman center and from there I felt like I actually belonged to the community and wanted to go to Mass. I know this is weird to ask, but I would recommend listening to it. Hey Nate! Thanks so much for sharing your story and for the sermon recommendation. I will check it out!

I would love to connect more. Email me anytime! Bless you brother! There was a time when I would have responded like Ethan. Really his response brings some clarity to the entire matter. Recently I gathered with an groups of millenials — we all attended the same Bible college. Honestly we all now claim some definition of agnotisism or atheism, but we are still willing to discuss the church because we were all raised in it, studied it, and were largely shaped by it.

In the end we come to a similar conclusion, and often after trying to present a case to the church that often becomes strong debate, arguements and ultimately unresolved conflict, we leave. A good list and one that the church would do well to smoke over and respond to as you articulate, but I think it is incomplete because it leaves out the responsibilities of the millennials themselves. Having worked with youth in an overseas missions context, taught middle and high school, started an orphans ministry and routinely preach, I see many real issues that millennials must address from their side also.

I see a lot of wants but have experienced a more limited commitment, including to things like discipleship and service. There is talk of what is valued, but often not matched by the follow-through if something better comes along.

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There is a general lack of wisdom that is inherent in being in the millennial age category, and that leaves you with much warranted criticism but little experience. I could go on, but I hope you both get my point and see the issues as real. How would you characterize the flip side of what the church needs to do with what millennials themselves need to own up to from their side? Your list is valid, but one sided. Help me out with seeing the other side. Hope that makes some sense.

This article reaffirms my belief in what the reformers called election or prevenient grace. I am not a Christian because someone asked me to work on a Habitat for Humanity house or in a shelter or soup kitchen. I am saved by grace. If someone thinks the churches should be swelling with adherents, well, maybe yes and maybe no. If someone thinks the church is failing because numbers are off or offerings are down, maybe yes and maybe no! The church is ordained by God to proclaim the Gospel that we are saved by grace through faith, and this is not our doing: it is the gift of God lest any humans boast.

We are wanters, nothing is good enough. We want entertainment, affirmation, amazing experiences. We are the rich, young ruler who has too much to give up to follow Jesus, to obey Him. This is who we are. But God will maintain a remnant for Himself. The lights and show do not make church. What happened to making coffee at home?

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Out of curiosity and interest in hearing more about what you are talking about, I wanted to ask for a bit of clarification. What if this type of worship was split to where the church offered a more traditional service in addition, would this fix your problem with the church? Essentially, do you think a church can hold traditional values while seeming to target a younger audience as well? Having read your article, I find nothing new. I have felt this way about church for 35 years. Perhaps, it is just increasing in number with each generation of people.

With a larger group of people feeling this way, perhaps your voices will heard. You will need to lead with your ideas. Keep from complaining though. Sam, you are truly engaged in the work of Christ as every believer should be bringing the gospel to the world. I hear the frustration in your letter to the church from millennials. You were raised by a mom not a millennial who grew up feeling exactly like you.

Therefore NOT unique to millennials. You raise the fact that this generation is from the most fatherless homes of any generation. Is the institution of the church to blame or is the education of generations in a humanistic worldview. The focus of your article on self, and others, but not the call to worship in spirit and truth of a triune God, belies this humanistic worldview. God calls His people to Sabbath whatever day that is for you. Nothing in the New Testament releases us from that call. He deserves our worship and praise and no ministry opportunity to the poor should totally replace the opportunity to gather together as believers to be taught the Word of God, so they actually have truth to share with the world.

Gratefully in Christ, Elyce. Thanks for the time and deep thought you put into writing this. By the very fact that you gave it such, I can tell this is something that you are deeply passionate about. As a fellow millennial, I would like to respond to a few of your points. The church is not a perfect place, and while I agree that we should be continually measuring the traditions which have snuck into the Body over the past couple thousand of years, for many of your points, I feel as though you see brokenness and thus are trying to throw the baby out with the bath water.

These new solutions will yet be broken and will yet fall short of capturing the beauty of the gospel. For instance, I believed it to be actually quite important that our churches create clear visions and mission statments. We live in a world that is becoming more and more subjective, more than ever we need solid ground to guide our churches as we manuever this changing culture. Also, with preaching, our generation is becoming more and more biblically illiterate. Otherwise we will continue to malnourish off of mere milk. I believe us to be a passionate generation that wants to see action and authenticity and I love these traits about us.

However, we also have to recognize our weaknesses and learn to live outside of our comfort zones. If we truly say we love Jesus, then we pick up our cross and we follow him, even down the path of giving our time and resources to a messy conglomeration of people that come from completely different backgrounds and generations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, friend. Know that I only respond because I think your words have power, and with that, we all need to be held accountable.

I am writing this as a boomer father of two millennial children who have left the church. Fortunately, I have a very good relationship with both of them. Thus, I am very hopeful and praying that they both return to Jesus. That said, I can relate to much of what you are saying in this blog and would love to have a dialog with you on this subject.

I care very much what happens to the millennial generation and I realize that although no one is perfect, that it is incumbent on my generation to make the first move towards reconciliation. About 10 years ago while traveling on tour with an evangelistic pantomime drama team I came to speak at a large youth gathering. As an actor on stage I try to take on the characteristics of the character I am portraying. Understandably, some roles are easier for me to portray than others. The roles where in real life I have nothing in common with the character on stage are the most difficult and least liked.

Still we live in a sinful world and some of the characters portrayed are evil that someone has to play. All during this tour I was called upon to portray dark characters, among them an abusive father and a solicitor of a young runaway. Needless to say I struggled with these characters. In my prayer time I asked God why I was called upon to play these roles. One night the answer came to me load and clear. I was to stand in the gap representing my generation to the millennial generation. I went on to ask them to forgive my generation for our sins. I also asked the youth leaders in the room to stand if they wanted to stand with me.

I then encouraged the youth to look to those leaders as persons who loved them and cared about them. This was a very high moment in my life that unfortunately over time I had forgot. I do not know what shape or form such a ministry will take now but I thank you for the reminder. Sam, Thank you so much for your article. I appreciate the points to pondering and the answers you provide.

She is on a journey seeking a living vibrant church. Part of the answer, as you stated, is the generations need to run together. But I really like the point that you made about church leadership needing to listen to the younger ones. We also need to do the stuff that we have been redeemed for. Thanks again for your words.

They are important. Thank you, Rosemary! Bless you. How would you define it? You tried to make a point with a broad sweep of the brush. It does not work that way. It has more ideas about how we can come together in unity. Of course, this was an over-generalization to make a point, but I explain further there. I would love to hear more of your thoughts around unity. In all seriousness though, this is a great read and I think you really hit the nail on the head. My husband and I attend a small church where we are 2 of only 4 people under 30 aside from children and although it is a very loving and inclusive church, there are many things that could be improved to better attract our generation.

I agree with many other commenters that many of these issues are not just affecting millenials, but church goers of all ages.

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Thank you for your honesty, and I hope this article can go a long way in improving the church moving forward. Hi Marissa! I KNOW. Yes, we should feed those in need, reach out to communities, be willing to serve, but if we have done that and not spoken the salvation which only comes through Christ,we have missed our goal and they have lost eternity. Many for lack of understanding the awesomeness of Christ and many for having no apologetic background, thus falling prey to the things of this world or the devices of men, such as professors.

Other than that I agree with your writing. Good article Sam. I am a 62 year old grandma. You have some good points. Let me share that I came to Christ at 23 years of age. At 30, my husband and I started attending a church and were there 23 years. We were mostly 30 somethings.

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We had 1 or 2 older people in the church. So we had to learn as we went. I so longed to have someone teach me, an older woman, how to do this life. We made a lot of mistakes. I think each new generation has the same thoughts and questions and solutions that you have expressed. As I age, I realize that nothing lasts but that which is done for Christ. And we each just have to learn to love the Lord God with all our hearts, to love others as He has loved us, to spread the gospel. The results are left to God. He also told us the way is narrow, and there are few that find it. They want to tell you all they know.

But thanks for your great post, for letting me share too. May Chris draw us all closers to Him and each other. I get it. And there are churches working at it. My question…. And what are millennials willing to do to help make that vision happen? Hi Sam — great article! I came of age — professionally and personally — in the post Reagan years, which was similar to today in that my generation felt some of the same disillusionment. A not THE conclusion I come to is that there is a real disconnect between all generations in communicating.

And the sad part is, neither side is listening. How can we change that? Because the truth is, no generation gets to remake the world into what it wants because it will always be sharing it with the generation in front of them and the one behind them. We all want to be heard, and to feel respected.

That starts with listening. You are very good at action planning. I would love to hear your thoughts on how we convince all sides to listen as well as talk, and to understand that we move forward through compromise with one another. Something our country and world would do well to understand.

As for church, there are many of us older folks who want to see more mission and outreach work, but still feel comforted by traditional elements of church worship. As for your suggestions on mentoring, I love them. But to mentor someone, they must be open and able to listen. So… my challenge: how do we get all sides to listen first and talk second? Thank you so very much for this article!! I cannot tell how how blessed I am by it. Late last year I started feeling like something was wrong or missing in my church and as I looked around I saw the HUGE need for us to reach out to the millennials in my church and our community.

To say that I am nervous and overwhelmed is an understatement but, I know this is a need and I want to step into it. I just got done reading your article literally, just now and feel a little more excited than nervous because a lot of what you talked about was what was in my heart it felt like confirmation. So this 42 yr. Again, thank you Sam for speaking truth, some of us really needed to hear it. Have you read some of his other posts? He is simply giving the point of view of many people in his generation.

It is better to respond to what is posted rather than attaching an assumed motive to what is posted. Ask questions or post a response, but please try to do so without judgement. As Christians, we should be setting an example for civil interactions when engaging in debate. You make some great points and the biblical references are clear. I see a list of changes that many churches need to make. I have one question for you. This is a list of things that young adults want done for them. What are you prepared to do to help make those changes happen? Action produces action. I am gratful that you spoke up and spoke the truth.

What is your next step? This is a little long, but worth reading. I agree that the church does need to listen to millennials more, but older people are cautious about putting young adults under 30 in leadership positions based on experience. The truth is that people under 30 are less likely to be solidly committed in their faith. Older people feel disrespected by your generation as well. Many in your generation much like the boomers when they were young seem to have little respect for experience. Yes the world you were born into is messed up, but it has always been messed up.

It is simply that we have already considered and dismissed ideas that you may assume are new or original to you. We have previously made some of the mistakes that you are making now. If you want to be listened to as young people, than ask for advice from more mature believers. It shows that you respect our experience. The purpose of the institutional church is supposed to be to prepare, equip, and support believers so that they can carry out their God given purposes.

Each of us has different gifts. Most are called into direct service in the community but some are intended to be teachers, pastors spiritual guides , and prophets see Romans 12, 1 Corinthians