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Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Madonna

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But anyway, Banderas is excellent in a role that lacks any interiority and specifically forbids an actor from faking it. It's all attitude and rolling the lines around as he sings them, and he's got that down cold. But then there is the matter of the superstar albatross around the film's neck. It's easy to see why Madonna identified with the role and wanted it; it's easy to see why the studio wanted her.

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But she's just not good. The demands of the role tax her range considerably, and the dramatic flourishes all tend to flatten out her "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" is a particular flat spot, in exactly the place that movie needs to put all its chips on a big showstopping rouser ; she hits the notes, but frequently it audibly costs her to do that.

That's bad enough, but she is a terrible actress, analysing the words in her songs like a pop singer and not the lead in a work of musical theater, and so her emphases are close but rarely exactly right. Her body language, meanwhile, is utterly helpless; she uses her arms to vaguely indicated and stress thoughts, like a malfunctioning audio-animatronic version of Mussolini.

The only time she seems to understand what emotions should be foregrounded on her face is during Eva's sickness, when she adopts a saggy, weary look that almost manages to sell the pathos of the sequence, but without a strong foundation preceding it, it's hard to care. Evita is so single-mindedly focused on Eva herself that no production, no matter how great all the constituent elements were, could survive the kind of stiff, wholly artificial and forced performance that Madonna gives. And of course, many of the constituent elements here are not great. There are enough individually good parts that I really wish I could fake it and give it a pass - Khondji was in excellent form when he shot this, which counts for an awful lot - but nope.

Evita minus Evita is a washed-out slog, and all the lovely settings and handsome staging in the world can't compensate for that. With Madonna playing the character she said only she could play -- the title role in "Evita. I love musicals and this didn't disappoint. In fact the movie is almost entirely music with very liitle spoken words. I didn't care that Madonna took voice lessons to extend her range. I think seasily masters the musical material. More importantly, she is convincing as Evita--from the painful early scene where, as an unacknowledged child, she tries to force entry into her father's funeral, to later scenes where tEvita transforms herself into a nightclub singer, radio star, desirable mistress, and political leader.

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I have just recently watched Evita on DVD and still love it. However this time while I ws watching a huge drama in my own living room took over from the drama that was occurring on the screen. My new puppy great dane had an "accident" on my antique oriental rug. You may not know but oriental rugs are made from wool, cooton and silk.

Mine was silk and a family heirloom. Luckily I found a family owned rug cleaning company whose specialty is cleaning and restoring oriental rugs.

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The next morning one of the owners showed up and assured me that they could handle the cleaning of the rug. He also noticed some worn areas as he inspected the rug and suggested that they be restored. The film opens with public mourning after Evita's death. In a stableyard, sepia-toned workers dance a tango of sorrow. Later, there will also be a tango of sexual discovery in a milonga, and a tango of political rivalry amid swaying sides of beef in an abbatoir.

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The only thing missing is football. Madonna certainly has the iconic status to play Evita as a political leader. The problem is that, at 38, she has to spend the first half hour playing her as a year-old girl. But they look about the same age — making their relationship unproblematic, as long as you can get past the fact that he is played by Jimmy Nail from Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. In any case, the real Eva probably didn't have a relationship with Magaldi.

Magaldi sings Eva a song about how hard life will be for her in Buenos Aires, where you have to be middle class to get on.