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No clear consensus has been reached on when the image was made.

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Dates ranging from the late 1st to the late 3rd century have been suggested, [17] with the beginning of the 3rd century thought to be the most likely. The graffito was discovered in when a building called the domus Gelotiana was unearthed on the Palatine Hill. The emperor Caligula had acquired the house for the imperial palace, which, after Caligula died, became used as a Paedagogium boarding school for the imperial page boys.

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Later, the street on which the house sat was walled off to give support to extensions to the buildings above, and it thus remained sealed for centuries. The inscription is usually taken to be a mocking depiction of a Christian in the act of worship.


Crucifixion continued to be used as an execution method for the worst criminals until its abolition by the emperor Constantine in the 4th century, and the impact of seeing a figure on a cross is comparable to the impact today of portraying a man with a hangman's noose around his neck or seated in an electric chair. It seems to have been commonly believed at the time that Christians practiced onolatry donkey-worship. That was based on the misconception that Jews worshipped a god in the form of a donkey, a claim made by Apion BC — c.

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AD : [23] Tertullian writes:. Origen reports in his treatise Contra Celsum that the pagan philosopher Celsus made the same claim against Christians and Jews: [24].

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Tertullian , writing in the late 2nd or early 3rd century, reports that Christians, along with Jews, were accused of worshipping such a deity. It has also been suggested that both the graffito and the roughly contemporary gems with Crucifixion images are related to heretical groups outside the Church.

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A small minority of scholars consider the image to be not of Jesus, but of some other deity. In the image, Alexamenos is portrayed venerating an image of the crucifix , a detail that Peter Maser believed to represent actual Christian practice of veneration of icons. This practice, however, was not known to be a part of Christian worship until the 4th or 5th century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archaic England: An essay in deciphering prehistory from megalithic monuments, earthworks, customs, coins, place-names, and faerie superstitions.

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The Word in and Out of Season. At a Glance Graffito is winemaker Jimena Lopez's small personal project. The vineyards for these wines come from very special small parcels - one originally planted in Old vines are the halmark here and they produce inky wines - hence the name Graffito. While the wines are dark in color, Jimena still show cases elegance with the structure.


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