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At the side of the pitch was a food stall. For compensation I ordered an Oreo cookie. The lady covered it in batter and deep fried it. Bloody delicious, as we soccer dads say. And we left to go and drink as much beer as it took to forget our dad-problems. Expat Money. Expat News. Expat Feedback. Expat Life. Expat Picture Galleries.

If it wasn't for soccer moms, MLS would be bigger than Nascar

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Brown, 44, a Montclair coach. His wife, Lili, one of the town's 15 women coaches, agrees. Soccer moms also bristle at the term because they find it vaguely insulting. Soccer Mom, because I have a Ph. Despite such reservations, pollsters and demographers find the term useful as a catch-all for suburban women, most married and working at least part-time outside the home, with children under 18 -- even if it distorts the role mothers perform in their children's athletic lives.

They find it enough for mothers to drive their kids to the field. If you are a soccer mom, the world according to you is seen through the needs of your children.

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Since soccer moms only recently appeared on political radar screens, there aren't a lot of polling data to work with. But there has been a big change in the voting inclinations of white women.


This September, 49 percent prefer Mr. Clinton and only 39 percent favor Mr. Dole, a shift of 22 percentage points in Mr.

Who uses soccer mom?

Clinton's favor. Now as then, white married men in general lean toward the G. Some experts on gender politics, however, believe that the state of a woman's marriage exerts stronger influence over her voting pattern than how she spends time with her children.

Farrell, author of ''The Myth of Male Power. When she begins to fear the end of her marriage or it does end, she begins to look to the government to become a substitute husband. The Democrats play the role of the government as substitute husband better than the Republicans.

11 Tips For Becoming a Stereotypical Soccer Mom | HuffPost Life

As the election nears, the soccer mom may have to cede her pedestal as key swing voter. That category excludes too many undecided women, while the soccer mom probably has made up her mind by now. Lake, referring to blue-collar working women without college educations supporting children. If you want to know the truth, it is now the Waitress Moms who are critical. View on timesmachine.

Top 10 Tips to Be the Perfect Soccer Mom This Season

TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. In Campaign '96, the Soccer Mom became oracle.

Misleading But there is some question whether the mythic version actually exists. Sneakers, Not Heels ''Soccer moms of the 's were the 'supermoms' of the 's,'' said Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, president of the Polling Company, a Republican firm.