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Executive Summary:. Market Analysis:. Sales Strategy:. Management Profile:. Financial Projections:. Each plan comes with specific detailed information for this industry. Just edit your personal information and have a proven, professional plan ready for lenders, the SBA, investors, and government grant agencies for funding! You need to be able to read Microsoft Word Documents and have the following system requirements:.

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System requirements. The summary can cite the nature of the business the legal form of operation sole proprietorship partnership corporation limited partnership the amount and purpose of the loan being requested repayment schedule the equity share of the borrower and the equity-debt ratio after the loan security or collateral is offered.

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Also listed are the market value estimates or quotes on the cost of any equipment to be purchased with the loan proceeds. Venetian Blinds Inc.


Make it easy for the loan analysts to know your wants and capabilities, that way they can say yes or no immediately and waste neither your time nor theirs. Whether the plan is to be used for financial or operations purpose its statement of purpose should be kept short and businesslike probably no more than half a page. It could be longer depending on how complicated the use of funds may be but the summary of a business plan like the summary of a loan application is generally no more than one page.

In financially-oriented business plans the page following might have a table that shows how the loan proceeds will be distributed the source and the use of funds. You can amplify this with a small list showing what is going to be used as collateral and the conditions of the loan you propose. Following the statement of purpose come a table of contents, you will naturally prepare this last but be aware that you do need to include one.

When you or others look over your plan you should be able to quickly find certain information financial data market information and the like. The section describing the business provides the reader with a general idea of the venture. Include any variables that provide insight into the business the industry and its markets.

In the market analysis section your main objectives are to provide research that defines the potential customers the size of the market the competition and how much of the market share you can reasonably hope to attain. Because of this it may be to your advantage to complete this section before any other in the business plan.

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Once you have defined your potential market and expected sales figures you have to detail how you will reach those projections. Based on your marketing analysis you want to describe exactly what your marketing strategy will be. The section on design and development plans is geared toward detailing the status of the proposed product or service before it is ready to hit the market, if your product or service is already completely developed you can forego this section.

If you have developed the idea but not the product have plans to improve an existing product or are an existing company with plans to introduce a new product this section is extremely important to the business plan. The investor will want to know the development progress of any product or service concept costs associated with making it a marketable item as well as the estimated period of time. It is essential to present any costs the business will acquire in the production and inventory cycle. Of course any investors will also be interested in the management structure of the organization.

They are going to want to know who will run the business what type of support personnel there will be etc. They will also want to know what kind of compensation any management personnel will receive as well as any equity positions that may be given in order to attract key individuals.

This is an integral step to raising money. The pitfall section is included to show that you have thought of all the potential difficulties you might encounter when starting this venture. This type of information lends credibility to your ability to manage and conceptualize the various risks involved in business. Aside from the pitfalls you also want to show potential investors the community benefits that will be derived from your business. This would include the economic impact of your business upon the community in the form of jobs increased money circulated through the local area living standards etc.

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In addition describe how your business will affect the human element as well as the community in general. Supporting documents follow the financial data. Some people prefer to put a half-page summary of personal information right after the summary of the business and before the table of contents. This is a matter of discretion; many advisors believe that it makes sense because lenders are investing in the individual as much or more than they are in a business.

Frequently individual tenacity dedication and character are the deciding factors of success in small business. Credit references and a summarized financial statement can be included as well; any financial statement should be no more than 60 days old. This is just a brief overview of what is needed in a business plan.

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The steps for estimating monthly sales and profits are as follows: 1. Start with the store size in square feet. Inefficient control over costs and quality of product. Bad stock control. Under pricing of goods sold. Bad customer relations. Failure to promote and maintain a favorable public image. In this way the company can offer greater perceived value for the customer than many other shops which specialize in certain areas.


The industry is highly competitive with suppliers having a great deal of power in setting and negotiating the prices of their products and services to repair shops. In addition, because the customers see the service as undifferentiated and a "commodity" with little value separation between competitors, buyer power is also very high. Finally, the barriers to entry are moderately low, and the large number of competitors in this field, including substitutes such as do-it-yourself work mean that the pricing for such services are very competitive.

The only way to have an advantage in this industry is a low cost leadership principal applied aggressively or to create higher switching costs through the building of strong business to customer ties. It is the company's professional people who will fulfill the firm's contracts and goals.

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The largest part of the company's expenses will be in labor costs. Each job or project will be on a reservation basis, although we will accept a small percentage of drive in repair work. The auto repair industry is highly competitive. Suppliers have a great deal of power in setting and negotiating the prices of their products and services to repair shops. This is due to the fact that the suppliers who absorb the greatest amounts of cash from repair shops are large auto part companies.

Therefore, these companies can set whatever price they wish to. Furthermore, labor is a supplier in this industry as well, and salaries for such individuals are well known and not very flexible. In addition, because the customers see the service as undifferentiated and a "commodity" with little value separation between competitors if they offer a suitable level of quality buyer power is also very high.