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Alan Clark quoted a German general's remark that the British soldiers were 'lions led by donkeys'. But he made it up.

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  2. Why was I sent here?.
  4. Review: War: Mud, Blood and Poppycock by Gordon Corrigan | The Sunday Times.

Indeed, many established 'facts' about turn out to be myths woven in the s by young historians on the make. Gordon Corrigan's brilliant, witty history reveals how out of touch we have become with the soldiers of They simply would not recognize the way their generation is depicted on TV or in Pat Barker's novels. Laced with dry humour, this will overturn everything you thought you knew about Britain and the First World War.

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Gordon Corrigan reveals how the British embraced technology, and developed the weapons and tactics to break through the enemy trenches. Other books in this series.

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  2. Why was I sent here?.
  3. Book Review: A Great and Glorious Adventure, by Gordon Corrigan.
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  6. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has declared war on Kinder Morgan – Sarah Berman, journalist.
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In Mud, Blood and Poppycock, he argued that the British Army fought a necessary war from to and that its commanders were not the heartless incompetents of popular myth. It captured , Italian troops and 22 generals, while the RAF destroyed over 1, Italian aircraft with the loss of 11 of our fighters and four bombers.

But this early advantage was not pressed home.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan has Declared War on Kinder Morgan

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