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The GA team and producers know how to build a dramatic plotline where the suggestion of hearing a voice from the other side seems possible. When not picking a fight, some of the questions called out by the team are just inane. It turns comical pretty fast. This baiting seemed more like showboating than investigating. The showrunners deny his claims and fired him. Good spot.

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That article was all over the web. As the author of this piece, I applaud your diligence to set the record straight. I should have double checked the source. I thought they took him back afterward or something. Again, great catch. My apologies. Im open minded about the paranormal but this show does nothing to prove ghosts exist. Anything can be faked on tv. First of all.. Aaron is still very much with Zak and Billy ….

Nothing I have found has ever been crystal about what happened with the boys.. I will say in my personal opinion I have wondered if they have done some things to keep the show interesting… Just based on how we all know we all are as human beings.. We all start off with good intentions… But when that money starts coming in and your doing great but then the show starts to lose its numbers and your lifestyle that you have become accostomed to is starting to come into question or on the line… You are likely to fudge a bit..

Most people would.. I still watch. And also, those who help make sense of this current nonsense. Nevertheless, she does allow the accused Knave to have at least ostensibly due process. The charges against him are simple enough:. Alice — you see — strikes at the root of their confusion. A logical person can always recognize an illogical person; while the reverse is not true.

The jury all brightened up again. It proves nothing of the sort. And absurdity cannot be explained. It can only be exposed. This is the part Kevin was quoting:. Nobody moved. Truly, I feel a great affinity with Alice at present. For what do I know of Russian interference in the election?

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Nothing whatever. What do I know about what Brett Kavanaugh was up to one summer before I was born? Even before House Democrats announced the impeachment inquiry and effort, the relationship between President Trump and House speaker Nancy Pelosi was about as warm and cooperative as that of the Sunni and the Shia.

And yet, sometime next year, the U. Supreme Court will rule on whether the Trump administration followed proper procedure when it ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by President Barack Obama in DACA allowed illegal immigrants who were brought to the U. The exhibit will spotlight a trio of Dreamers who became a mental health counselor, a college student and youth pastor, and a small businesswomen; lay out flaws in the current system of immigration and that the last major reform of immigration laws came in , and tell the story of a Dreamer from Mexico who joined the U.

Marine Corps, and who fought and died in Operation Iraqi Freedom, earning the Navy Cross, an example of the roughly half-million veterans who are immigrants. After displaying in Miami in early October, the exhibition will then move to Nashville, Tenn. He need not bring it up for a vote. Or, alternatively, he could bring it up for a vote if he thought it would embarrass the Democratic party. Then there was neither a constitutional obligation nor a Senate rule that required taking up the nomination.

The Senate has no constitutional obligation to hold a trial on removal of the president simply because the House has voted to impeach, but it does appear to have an obligation to do so under its current rules.

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China is a nation of 1. He was 38 years old. He had a wife and two young children. He wanted democracy in his country. And for free elections to be held. Now he has been tortured to death, of course. His widow, Cao Shuxia, said that his body was unrecognizable. But he kept going.

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I hear a lot of pooh-poohing of democracy — always from people who are lucky enough to live in a democracy. But some people, in unfree countries, value democracy so much, they are willing to die for it. To be tortured to death for it. Now, news comes out that a depressed man, who was not close to being terminally ill, was put down in a hospital despite opposition from family. From the CTV News story:. British Columbia man who struggled with depression and showed no signs of facing an imminent demise was given a medically-assisted death despite desperate pleas from his loved ones, family members say.

Alan Nichols was admitted to Chilliwack General Hospital in June, at age 61, after he was found dehydrated and malnourished. One month later, he died by injection. Days before his death, family members begged Nichols, a former school janitor who lived alone and struggled with depression, not to go through with the procedure. He was capable of getting around. Can you imagine? How can this be? I have a theory. Euthanasia can become highly ideological, with the killing imperative eclipsing the duty of care. Think Jack Kevorkian.

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If the family is accurately recounting what happened to Nichols, the ideological drive to euthanize may be an issue in this homicide:. Just never thought he would ever be approved even if he applied for it. The family was not given access to those medical records. Will anything be done about this euthanasia death that would seem to be well outside the legal guidelines? Indeed, if anything, the case could result in a loosening of the existing rules through judicial interpretation or prosecutorial non-enforcement.

That is what has happened again and again in Netherlands. That will open the doors wide to a radical expansion of killing categories, leading to the same moral collapse we have seen in Netherlands and Belgium. What else is there to think about? At least Trump got the nomenclature right.

But Putin or Kim might have felt slighted. Here is a piece by Declan Walsh. I quoted him in my book Children of Monsters — in my chapter on Mobutu dictator of Zaire as Mobutu renamed the country. Walsh cited American officials who linked the murder to Egyptian police agents. This did not sit well with the dictatorship. But the official had not been authorized to do so. In fact, he was risking his career, to deliver the warning. His superiors were not about to intervene. At the U. When he took over not so long ago, it was in turmoil.

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I was reminded of what Trump said about Putin, when he was running for president — when Trump was, I should specify! Joe Scarborough pointed out that Putin is someone who kills journalists and political opponents, and who invades foreign countries. Even your best friend in the whole world, President Obama, he had a lot of demonstrations.

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Egypt has a great leader. In this wicked world, you sometimes have to hold your nose and get along with bad actors. That certainly applies to foreign policy. But the United States is a country with certain principles, values, and ideals. I remain baffled by what the strategy is here for the impeachment chorus. Taking this thing all the way to removing the president is going to require buy-in from people like Mitch McConnell.

How amenable is Mitch sounding? McConnell, I remind you, could simply dismiss any House impeachment measure. Is voting against impeachment going to hurt swing-state incumbent Republicans up for reelection next year, such as Thom Tillis of North Carolina? Nancy Pelosi should be embarrassed.

What Tillis and McConnell sense is that the public angrily opposes impeachment. The New York Times yesterday put a lot of resources yesterday into a story that made an honest attempt to sound out voters about the matter. What they discovered is essentially that no one but hard-core Democrats wants impeachment. This is consistent with previous polling on the matter. A Times reporter tweeted then deleted the following remark:. There is such a thing as a D.

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Impeachment sounds really exciting in D. At last, the big show can begin! Are we forgetting that the voters have the final say? McConnell could, of course, push to have those rules changed. The Corner. Voting in Wrightstown, Wis. You see what I mean? Guess who sang Knoxville? Not bad. There was a book launch event in D. Central Indiana county prosecutor was raised in foster care 8. President Trump talks to reporters at the White House, November 29, Would you not be tempted to think, as I am on a dark day, What a profoundly unserious place.

The charges against him are simple enough: The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts All on a summer day: The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts, And took them quite away! But do the Democrats know either? Not likely. Charles Koch delivers welcoming remarks to the Koch Seminar Network meeting. Can you imagine holding up such a sign? In China? Obviously, Wang Meiyu was such a person.

People like him uphold Chinese honor, and human honor. A patient is comforted by her husband at St. From the CTV News story: British Columbia man who struggled with depression and showed no signs of facing an imminent demise was given a medically-assisted death despite desperate pleas from his loved ones, family members say.

Alan is the only person who can stop this. Those with eyes to see, let them see. Which is new and disturbing, as Walsh outlines in his piece. Or are we? Scott Applewhite I remain baffled by what the strategy is here for the impeachment chorus. Most Popular. By John McCormack.

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Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse is reluctant to say much about allegations that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden until Congress learns more. Read More. By Jack Crowe. Sherikia Hawkins was charged Monday with six felony counts for allegedly altering absentee ballots during the November election in her capacity as city clerk for the Detroit suburb of Southfield, Mich.

Hawkins, a year-old registered Democrat, stands accused of altering absentee ballots. She was They're facing charges. By Rich Lowry. Greta Thunberg needs to get a grip. How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. White House.